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EGU- 2019 Vienna, 7-12 April 2019

SOLAS- ICACGP co-sponsored session

AS4.7 Air-sea Chemical Fluxes : Impacts on Biogeochemistry and Climate

deadline for abstract submission 10 January 2019 at 13:00 CET
Convener: Parvadha Suntharalingam 
Co-conveners: Robert Duce , Maria Cristina Facchini , Maria Kanakidou ,
Arvind Singh 
Air-sea fluxes of biogeochemically active constituents have significant impacts on global biogeochemistry and climate. Increasing atmospheric deposition of anthropogenically-derived nutrients (e.g., nitrogen, phosphorus, iron) to the ocean influences marine productivity and has associated impacts on oceanic CO2 uptake, and emissions to the atmosphere of climate active species (e.g., nitrous-oxide (N2O), dimethyl-sulfide (DMS), marine organic compounds and halogenated species). These oceanic emissions of reactive species and greenhouse gases influence atmospheric chemistry and global climate, and induce potentially important chemistry-climate feedbacks. While advances have been made by laboratory, field, and modelling studies over the past decade, we still lack understanding of many of the physical and biogeochemical processes linking atmospheric deposition, nutrient availability, marine biological productivity, and the biogeochemical cycles governing air-sea fluxes of these climate active species. Atmospheric inputs of other toxic substances, e.g., lead, cadmium, copper, and persistent organic pollutants, into the ocean are also of concern.
This session will address the atmospheric deposition of nutrients and toxic substances to the ocean, their impacts on ocean biogeochemistry, the air-sea fluxes of climate active species and potential feedbacks to climate. We welcome new findings from both measurement programmes and atmospheric and oceanic models.
This session is jointly sponsored by GESAMP Working Group 38 on ‘The Atmospheric Input of Chemicals to the Ocean’, the Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS), and the International Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution (ICACGP).

27th IUGG General Assembly Montreal 8-18 July 2019

deadline for abstract submission : 18 February, 2019

online abstract submission and registration

M08 - Air Quality in the Changing Anthropocene
Convener: John P. Burrows (Germany)
Co-conveners: James Drummond (Canada), Melita Keywood (Australia)

In a world in which industrialisation is proceeding apace, the world's population has now reached over 7.5 Billion, of which more than half live in cities, air quality has become a very significant health and quality of life issue for many people. It also impacts on climate change.  This symposium invites contributions about measurements, models and mitigation practices for air quality and climate change on all time and space scales. Similarly, contributions of relevance to the evolution of stratospheric ozone in thee changing Anthropocene are welcomed.

M09 - The Arctic in the 21st Century: A Hotbed of Global Change
Conveners: James Drummond (Canada), Paul Kushner (Canada)

The Arctic is undergoing climatic change at a much greater rate than the rest of the planet, with potential global consequences.  In addition to natural and anthropogenic driving, economic activity in the Arctic is also increasing which brings new challenges regionally and geopolitically.   Increased understanding of this change requires the best measurements, the best models and the best understanding of the science. Many of the issues involve the interface between the various components of the Earth system (ice, snow, ocean, atmosphere, etc.) and also frequently transcend the traditional disciplinary boundaries. Papers are solicited concerning measurements, models and interpretation with a special emphasis on trans-disciplinary and interface issues affecting the Arctic and relating to Arctic

JM02 - Anthropogenic changes in Chemistry and Physics of the Atmosphere: Evidence and Attribution Studies (IAMAS, IAVCEI, IAG)
Convener: John P. Burrows (Germany, IAMAS)
Co-Conveners: Maria Kanakidou (Greece, IAMAS), Franco Tassi (Italy, IAVCEI), Isabelle Panet (France, IAG)

This symposium focuses on the impact of natural emissions, such as those from volcanoes, and anthropogenic fluxes on atmospheric composition, chemical transformation, dynamics and climate. In this context we welcome contributions from

i) laboratory and chamber studies
ii) field measurements;
iii) satellite observations;
iv) numerical modelling;
v) scientific and socio-economic assessments.

SOLAS Open Science Conference,
Sapporo Japan, 21-25 April 2019
Registration open until 28 February 2019

Fourth ACAM Workshop and Third Training School
24-25 June 2019 Training School
26-28 June 2019 Workshop

University Kebangsaan Malaysia