iCACGP Report 2002

Future directions of Atmospheric Chemistry Research (2002)

edited by H. Akimoto, L. Barrie and  P. Artaxo in 2002

iCACGP Peer reviewed publications

Abbatt J., C. George, M. Melamed, P. Monks, S. Pandis, Y. Rudich. New Directions: Fundamentals of atmospheric chemistry: Keeping a three-legged stool balanced, Atmospheric Environment (84), 390-391, 2014.

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West J., A.Cohen, F. Dentener, B.Brunekreef, T. Zhu, B. Armstrong, M. Bell, M. Brauer, G. R. Carmichael, Dan Costa, D. Dockery, Michael J. Kleeman, M Krzyzanowski, N. Kunzli, C Liousse, Sh.-Ch. Lung, R. V Martin, U. Poeschl, C. A. Pope, J. M. Roberts, A. G. Russell, and Ch. Wiedinmyer, What we breathe impacts our health: improving understanding of the link between air pollution and health, Environ. Sci. Technol., DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b03827

iCACGP Presentations

Poster presentation at IGBP Congress (Interactions between anthropogenic and natural emissions & impacts on air pollution, the oceans and climate)

Presentation of iCACGP 2007 (poster)

Current main objectives of global atmospheric research - topics related to SOLAS :

A presentation to the SOLAS SSC, Xiamen China, March 2007  

Scientific Conference Publications: Special Issues issued from the iCACGP/IGAC 2002

"Mediterranean intensive oxidant study (MINOS 2001)"
Eds. N. Mihalopoulos and M. de Reus

"Atmospheric chemistry in the Earth system: from regional pollution to global climate change (iCACGP-IGAC Conference 2002)"
Eds. M. Kanakidou and N. Mihalopoulos


M. Kanakidou               web version Feb. 2007