North America

Robert A. Duce Symposium:
Air-Sea Chemical Exchange: Impacts on the Atmosphere and Ocean

Austin, TX, USA

6-10 January 2013

Atmospheric Chemistry and Health: current knowledge oand future directions

Boston, MA, USA

12-13 October 2012

Symposium on Stratospheric Ozone and Climate Change

Washington, DC, USA

7-10 November 2011

Remote Sensing of Trace Gases and Aerosols: Air Quality Applications Atmospheric Sciences session (proposal) at AGU Fall meeting sponsored by ICACGP

San Francisco

December 2011

Contact: Russell R. Dickerson, Nickolay A. Krotkov, Si-Wan Kim

Description of the session: Remote sensing of trace gases and aerosols has become increasingly accurate and useful, but challenges still remain in applying those observations to studies of air pollution close to the earth surface. As a joint AGU and ICACGP project, we invite contributions involving the application of satellite measurements to air quality studies. The session will focus on remote sensing of pollution in coordination with in-situ aircraft and ground-based observations and atmospheric chemistry model simulations during field campaigns. Topics of interest include emissions, transport, and transformations; satellite retrievals and products; and the design of future satellites focusing on air pollutants and climate-forcing agents.

WMO WCRP Open science conference, Climate Research in Service to Society


24-28 October 2011