Dr. Anne Mee Thompson
iCACGP Honorary Member
Department of Meteorology
Penn State University
Director, Center for Environmental Chemistry & Geochemistry
Telephone :+814-865-0479
Fax :+814-865-3663
amt16 (at) psu.edu
Research Interests        Awards        Publications        Detailed CV

1970 - B.A., Chemistry (Honors), Swarthmore College; 1972 - M.A., Chemistry, Princeton University

1978 - Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Bryn Mawr College


1978 - 1979 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA, Postdoctoral Scholar

1979 - 1981 UC-SD - Scripps Institution of Oceanography, LaJolla, CA, Postgraduate Marine Chemist

1981 - 1984 National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, CO, Visiting Scientist; ASPPostdoctoral Fellow

1984 - 1986 Applied Research Corporation, Landover, MD, Contract Scientist at NASA/GSFC

1986 - 2004 Physical Scientist, Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch, Lab. for Atmospheres,NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

1995 - Adjunct Faculty, Univ. Maryland-College Park, Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences Dept.

2005 - Professor, Penn State University, Meteorology Department


AAAS, AMS, AGU -- Member and Fellow; Assn Women in Science (AWIS); Am. Chemical Society

Awards, Honours, and Related:   

1970 BA with Honors (External Examination), Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Phila. Chapter ACS

Best Student Award; NSF Predoctoral Fellowship

1987, 1989, 1995, 2003 GSFC Director¬Ęs Discretionary Fund;

1990-1996, 1998-2002 GSFC Performance Awards;

1992 Goddard Equal Opportunity Award;

1993, 2001 GSFC Lab. for Atmospheres Peer Award for Outstanding Leadership

1995 NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal.

1995 Fellow, American Meteorological Society (AMS)

1998 Nordberg Medal, COSPAR (Committee for Space Research)

2002 Fellow, American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS)

2003 Fellow, American Geophysical Union (AGU)

2004 Women in Aerospace, International Achievement Award

2004 NASA Honor Award (SHADOZ Group Achievement)

2004 ISI - Highly Cited Author (Geosciences)

2007 William T. Pecora Award for Satellite Achievement (NASA/Dept. Interior to TOMS Team)

2007 Wilson Award for Excellence in Research (Penn State Univ, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences)

2007 NOAA OAR Outstanding Paper Award for IONS-04 (Cooper et al, JGR, 2006)

2007 UNEP/WMO Recognition Letter (for Nobel Peace Prize IPCC Contributions)

2009 Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Faculty Mentoring Award

2010 Fulbright Scholar Award, South Africa

Research Interests:   

Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate Change: Modeling and measurements of trace gases, air-sea gas exchange,ozone and convective systems, lightning, biomass burning. Global Change: Simulation of future and pre-industrial troposphere. Remote Sensing. Applications and validation.

Special Experience:   

Research & Projects

1. PI on NASA Project: "Tropospheric Photochemical Modeling" 1984-present. Also PI on EPA and NOAAInteragency Agreements, 1985-present.
2. EOS-IDS Teams: Stratospheric Chemistry and Dynamics (M. Schoeberl, PI); Biogeochemical Fluxes atAir-Sea Interface (P. Brewer, PI); Chemistry-Climate Interaction (D. Jacob, PI), 1988-1995.
3. NASA Satellite & Aircraft Science Teams: TOMS Satellite, 1994-2004; GTE/TRACE-A; PEM-Tropics-B,TRACE-P; UARP/ STRAT, POLARIS, ACCENT, SAFARI-2000; INTEX-NA (2004), INTEX-B (2006),TC4 (2007), ARCTAS (2008)
4. Oceanographic cruises, Knorr 73/7, 1978; Soviet-American Gases and Aerosols (SAGA 3), 1990; Aerosols99Cruise, R/V R H Brown, 1-2/99; NEAQS, July 2004
5. Co-Mission Scientist, SONEX (SASS Ozone and Nitrogen Experiment), 1997
6. NASA HQ Detail: Project Scientist, AEAP/Subsonic Assessment, HQ Office of Aeronautics, 1993-1994
7. SHADOZ PI (Southern Hemisphere Additional Ozonesondes, 1997-present) and Field Work - Aerosols99Cruise, PAUR II, 1999 (Crete); SAFARI-2000, Zambia
8. IONS (INTEX Ozonesonde Network Study) PI, 2004; 2006. Ozonesonde Field work at INTEX-B/Milagro inMexico City & Richland, Washington, 2006, TC4 at Panama, 2007; NWTerritories, Canada, 2008.

Service & Committees

1.AGU: Education and Human Resource Committee, 1986-1988; Editorial Advisory Board, Earth in Space,1988-1990; Secretary, AGU Atmospheric Sciences Section, 1990-1992; AGU Publications Committee, 1994-1996; Associate Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research, 1992-1996; Chair, GRL Editors SearchCommittee, 1995-1996; Member, JGR-Atmospheres Editors Search Committee, 1996; Chair, 1999-2000.
2. AMS: Atmos. Chemistry Committee, 1996-1998; AMS Council and Executive Council, 2001-2004;Nomination Committee, 2004-2007; Subject Matter Editor, Bull. Am. Meteorological Society, 2005-2008
3.International Societies: (A) Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution (CACGP), 1994-2002. President, 2002-2006. (B) Member, International Ozone Commission, 1996-2004; (C) IGBP/IGACSteering Committee (2000-2002); (D) WCRP/SPARC Scientific Steering Comm., 2007-2009; (E) Vice-President, ICSU/Intl Association for Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, 2007-2011
4. Global Change and Assessments: Rapporteur, Workshop on UV Effects on Aquatic Systems, 1989; WorkingGroup 1, IPCC (Intergov. Panel on Climate Change) 1989; Rapporteur, NASA/NOAA /EPA Workshop onGlobal Warming Potentials, 1990; Lead Author, Chapter 8, UNEP/WMO 1998 Ozone Assessment.
5. NSF-NAS/NRC: Chair, NSF, NCAR-Atmos. Chemistry Div. Review Panel, 1996. NAS/NRC Committee -Major Ocean Programs (1996-1998); NAS/NRC Climate Research Committee (1996-2000): NAS/NRC Earthfrom Space Committee (2006-2007)
6.AAAS: Member-at-Large (2002-2005); Council (Sec. W, 2005-2007); Chair-Elect (Sec. W, 2007-2008)
7. UCAR/NCAR, University Relations Committee, 2005-2006; Board of Trustees, 2007-2009
8. WMO: Committee on Atmospheric Science, Management Advisory Council, 2006-2009

Education & Outreach

1. Adjunct Professor - University of Maryland Earth Systems Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC), 2000-present; previously JCESS Fellow, 1995-2000. Course Taught: Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics, 2002.
2. Adjunct Research Professor (Thesis Committees): U. Miami (Rosenstiel School), NC State, Florida State U.
3. Students Advised/Co-advised: PhD -- C. Herbster, Florida State Univ. (1998), S. A. Yvon, U. Miami (1990-95); J-H Kim, U. Maryland (1996), D. J. Allen (1998); Masters -- C. Phelps, U. Maryland (1995), R. M.Todaro, U. Maryland (1997), H. Guo, U. Maryland (1999); M. G. Seybold, NC State (1999); J B. Stone, PSU (2006); S. M. Michaels, PSU (2006); A. Loucks, PSU (2007), D. Giles (U. Md., 2007); J. E. Yorks, PSU(MS, 2007), K. M. Dougherty (MS, 2007), W-C Hui, PSU (MS, 2007), A M Luzik (MS, 2009), D. C.Doughty (MS, 2009)
4. External Examiner or Student Host/Co-author: G. Bodeker (U. Natal, So. Africa, 1995), D. Jeker (ETH-Zürich, 1999), K. Longo (U. Sao Paulo, 1998), W. Peters (U. Utrecht, Netherlands, 2002)
5. GSFC Programs: Summer Institute Atmos. Sciences, Coordinator 1987-1989; Education Office, PublicAffairs Speaker, 1988-Present; Summer Advisor: 1989, D. Davidoff, Yale; 1996, N. Dang, UNH; 1993-94,K. Patterson, Salisbury State and UCSB; 1996, M. Lakin, UC-Irvine; 2003 E. Deviatova, UMCP
6. Courses Taught: Penn State - Meteo 565: Middle Atmosphere, Meteo 532, Chemistry of the Atmosphere;Meteo 436: Atmospheric Physics I; Meteo 440W, Meteorol. Measurements; Meteo 597, Remote Sensing
7. NCAR - Advanced Study Program, Philip D. Thompson Lecturer, 2005
8. Penn State Committees: Meteo. MS: 2005: A. Metcalf; K Bailey; 2006: C. Beatty; 2007: M Root, A K. Huff,D. M. Shelow. PhD - J. Mao (Meteorology, 2007), J.H. Park (Elec. Eng., 2008), A. Wyant (Elec. Eng., 2010)

Detailed CV