Prof. Sara Baisai Feresu
iCACGP Commission Member
Institute of Environmental Studies (IES)
University of Zimbabwe
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Professor Sara Baisai Feresu is the Director of The Institute of Environmental Studies (IES) at the University of Zimbabwe. She has contributed to the field of environment through her Institute and through involvement in national, regional and international boards and committees on the environment.

Research Interests and Collaborations   

Prof Feresu's research interests include air pollution, environmental policy, environmental and industrial microbiology, biotechnology, bio-safety issues. She has published over 40 scientific papers and contributed to four books either as the total product or as chapters. She contributed to the Atmospheric Chapter of the Global Environment Outlook 4 (GEO 4) of UNEP, which is a global assessment of the state of the environment. She has also contributed to the Feature Focus: Energy and Air Pollution chapter in the GEO Year book 2006. These documents are used by the UN system to influence global policy on the environment. She has just finished editing the third edition of Zimbabwe's State of the Environment.

Through IES she manages regional networks on air pollution and research and training on the environment. The Air Pollution Information Network for Africa has so far facilitated three sub-regional policy frameworks for managing air pollution on the African continent. In recognition of her many achievements Prof Feresu has been a recipient of five international fellowships and awards and many national awards.

At regional and international level she is on the Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution, a member of the Steering Committee of the Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum, member of the Board of Trustees of the International Foundation for Science and the Board of Trustees of the JRS Biodiversity Foundation. She was a member and chairperson of the Zimbabwe National Steering Committee for Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Southern Africa Programme.

Recent Publications   

1) KUYLESTIERNA, J.C.I., PANWAR, T.S., ASHMORE, M., BRACK, D., EERENS, H., FERESU, S., GELIL, I. A., JINTIAN, Y., JORQUERA, H., KARTHA, S., MESLMANI, Y., MOLINA, L. T., MURRAY, F., PERSSON, L., SCHWELA, D., SEIP, H. M., SRINIVASAN, A. A. & WANG, B. 2007. Atmosphere. In: Global Environment Outlook (GEO 4) Environment for Development. United Nations Environment Programme.

2) CARDENAS, B., CIFUENTES, L.A. , DENTON , F., EERENS, H, FERESU, S.B ., GELIL, I.A., JINTIAN, Y., KARTHA, S., CALLAWAY, J.M., McDADE, S., MALLA, S., PORCARO, J., RIJAL, K., RIVERA, J.D., SHARMA, A., SHRESTHA, R.M. & SMITH, K.R. 2006. Feature focus: Energy and air pollution. In: An Overview of Our Changing Environment. GEO Year Book 2006. United Nations Environment Programme 2006.

3) SIMUKANGA, S., FERESU, S., HICKS, K., & CUMBANE, J.J. (eds) 2003. Progress on Air Pollution Issues in Southern Africa. Proceedings of the Second Regional Policy Dialogue on Air Pollution and its Likely Transboundary Effects in Southern Africa. 22-24 September 2003. Maputo, Mozambique. Sable Press.

4) FERESU, S., SIMUKANGA, S., HAQ, G., HICKS, K & SCHWELA, D. (eds) Better Air Quality in the Cities of Africa 2004. Proceedings of the Regional Workshop on Better Air Quality in the Cities of Africa , 21 . 23 April 2004. Johannesburg , South Africa . Sable Press.

Detailed CV