Prof. Olga I. Mayol-Bracero
iCACGP Member
Professor and Director
Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols Research lab
University of Puerto Rico (UPR-RP), Puerto Rico
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1998 PhD, Chemistry, UPR-RP

1998-2001 Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany

2002-2006 Assistant Professor, UPR-RP

2007-2013 Associate Professor, UPR-RP

since 2014 Professor, UPR-RP

Memberships- Research Responsibilities:   

Since 2014, Dr. Olga I. Mayol-Bracero is a Full Professor in the Department of Environmental Science at the University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras (UPRRP), the director of the Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols Research (ACAR) group at UPRRP.

She is a member of the WMO Scientific Advisory Group on Aerosols, a member of the International Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution (iCACGP), a member of the implementation committee of the IGAC America’s Working Group, a former member of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) scientific steering committee, and a contributor author to the CCAC and UNEP’s Regional Assessment of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs) in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Mayol-Bracero is also the PI of the Cape San Juan Atmospheric Observatory (CSJ) and the Pico del Este cloud forest atmospheric station at El Yunque National Forest. Mayol?Bracero has had a long?term relationship (since 2004) with the NOAA in operating the surface aerosol monitoring station at Cape San Juan.

The CSJ Station is part of the NOAA ESRL’s Federated Aerosol Network (, the NASA’s AERONET (, and the WMO Global Atmosphere Watch network (station=CPR,

Research Interests:   

Chemical, physical, and optical properties of atmospheric aerosols.

Size-resolved chemical composition and sources of aerosols in tropical regions (biomass burning, marine, African dust, urban, biogenic).

Carbonaceous aerosols with special interest in black carbon.

Aerosols and their role in cloud condensation nuclei properties.

Aerosols-clouds-climate Interactions and the impact of atmospheric aerosols on degradation of structures.


Mayol-Bracero is author of 44 peer-reviewed publications, one book chapter, 6 non-peer reviewed publications, and more than 300 presentations at the national and international level.

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